Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Metrolina Expo Extravaganza

It is that time again!  Extravaganza is here.  If you are local, come see me, Tammy(Junk Wild) and several hundred other dealers at Metrolina in Charlotte this weekend.  The weather is beautiful and I have a field and building full of great new treasures.  You will get to see all the wonderful junk I bought from the Country Living Fair the other week.  The tale of the Two Tammys and pictures of the trip are coming soon.  The reason for the delay is that I have not a clue what I am doing with this blog stuff.  My wonderful friend Tammy(Junk Wild) takes the pictures for me and I write the blog.  So...there is a delay because I can write a post but am learning how to insert the text along with the pictures.  She has put the pictures up but I am too tired to read her directions on writing about our great trip.  We had a blast, made lots of new friends and networked, networked, networked.  Check out Junk Wild's blog for some pics.  Going to have a libation, have my feet rubbed by my hubby and dream about how to finish setting up my space.

Sweet Junkin' Dreams,

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hillsville Pics....

as promised....

here are the pics from the
Hillsville, VA show last month

for the first time doing the was great!

lots of cool junk!

and of course
Refunked Junk Jewels!

getting in the Fall mood!

and NEW to Refunked Junk Jewels....
License Plate Earrings!!
How cool are these?!!

you can find these now at my space
located at The Dry Sink
in Cornelius, NC

Happy Fall!!!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Conquering Hillsville

Sorry to have been away so long.  I took the summer off from junkin' and teaching.  School had just started back when I got a call from one of my best friends.  "You want to sell at Hillsville in September?"  I didn't even think about what it would take to get there.  I was ready to go.  Needless to say, I had 3 weeks to make tons of treasures, rob my other booths,  pack it all up in a van, 2 trucks and an enclosed trailer, ask my principal if I could be off for 2 days, find a sub, find a place to stay and beg for some help.  In the end, with some help from my friends,(isn't there a song about that), and my favorite husband, I was Hillsville bound.  For those of you who don't live close, Hillsville VA has a huge gun, antiques and collectibles show on Labor Day weekend every year.  The whole town is decked out in vendors.  There are probably over 10,000 vendors and over 500,000 customers that weekend.  I was fortunate to have a PRIMO spot next to the VFW building in the main field.  My friend's friend was unable to make it this year so I took over his spot.  I have reserved the same location for next year and I have already started making for next year. 

I had my best show EVER!!!!!  I met lots of great new people, sold a lot of great junk, and still made it back to school on Tuesday, exhausted of course.  My assistant principal even asked me when I was going to quit teaching and do it full time.  ???????  I had lots of requests for an on-line store so this might be coming in the future.  I have enough trouble keeping up with all the locations I have now.  Something to ponder in the wee hours.

I just want to say thanks to all my customers, old and new.  I will keep you posted.  Pictures of Hillsville will follow in the next few days.  The Depot will be getting a makeover this weekend and Metrolina is coming up September 29-October 2.  Hope to see you then.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

hello blogland friends!
Hope you all are having a great
summer so far!
I've been busy making jewelry,
doing some great junkin'
and took some time to stick my toes in the sand
at the beach...

This weekend is Metro Expo
so I'm set up with some
cool new junk

old quilts and pretty painted vintage frames

"here's looking at you kid!"

completely cool plant stand

a new display from old doors for
all the new
Refunked Junk Jewels

great windows...all SOLD!

plenty of galvanized/rusty/chippy paint goodness

tons of old woodens crates and boxes!

"signs signs every where a sign!!"
love these and they are big sellers too!
( cowgirl hats extra!)

BEST find of the weekend!
it's going home with me
don't you LOVE it???

If you are in the Charlotte area
and looking for some fun this weekend
come out to the Metrolina Expo
we're here all day today and tomorrow!!
Stop by and Say HI!!
(building #13)

I hope you all have a
Fun and Safe
Fourth of July!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jewelry Pics....

Thought I'd share some pics of
Refunked Junk

currently working on some new pieces

are you a fan of re-purposed jewelry?

do you have a favorite piece?

Hope you are having a great day!
Will be posting some NEW pics
very soon of some great new JUNK!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!
Wishing all the new friends
Refunked Junk
A Very Blessed and Happy Easter!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Booth Pics...

Sharing new pics from my
booth space @
Treasures On Main
Lincolnton, NC

several big pieces had sold again
so the entire space was re-worked

new spring greens and blues were added

and an awesome new chippy-shabby
big shelf piece
love the little detail at the top

garden caddy's and old quilts 

Refunked Junk Jewels displayed on an old screen

and a new/old white cupboard

Downtown Lincolnton is having it's
Spring Fling this Saturday
if you are in town stop by!!

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sunday @ The Marketplace

Hey Friends!
Just wanted to invite you to
 join me and all the other vendors
for the first of this years
Sunday @ The Marketplace
this Sunday April 10


held at
Olde Tyme Marketplace
121 N White Street
Marshville, NC 28103

Beth's Shop is all decked out for Spring
and she's gathered some great vendors together again
for this Annual Event
It's a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon
and shop for some great vintage junk!
& Come for lunch Mr. OTM makes BBQ!!

If you haven't met Beth @ Olde Tyme Marketplace
go over and check out her blog here

Hope to see you all this Sunday!
The weather is going to be beautiful!!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Metro Expo Spring Classic

The Metro Expo Spring Classic Antiques Show
was this past weekend & it was a great show!
There was rain on Wed. and it was chilly on Thurs and Fri
but Sat and Sun were beautiful !

Refunked Junk's outdoor space was loaded full..
all the best stuff was brought out for this show...

Farm Tables & Cupboards were big sellers!
By Thursday all the farm tables were sold
so a run over to Gibson Mill was needed to 
bring in more tables... 

rusty metal locker

great chippy metal & wood outdoor furniture
was a big hit too!

the displays kept getting re-worked all day
as items were sold

great spring green paint on some rusty tin cans!
also a hot seller and were re-stocked on Fri!

lots of great enamel ware pieces, old bottles, crates...

galvanized buckets and tubs

and super old painted boxes

This old metal hose cart went fast!

A film crew bought this load
they were in the Charlotte area filming a movie
these items will all be part of a set

pretty cool huh?

the inside booth was all set up with spring displays
and some new jewelry

white shelves & cupboards filled with
spring greens, blues and yellows

An Etsy Shop is in the works
so stay tuned for the Grand Opening coming soon!
Lots of great jewelry will be available!

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of
ReFunked Junk's space at Metro Expo

What was your favorite ?

Have a great week